Senzala Brazilian Restaurant

Senzala Brazilian Cuisine


In 2006 this was the website for the Brazilian restaurant, Senzala, located in Sunnyvale, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.
According to Yelp, the restaurant is permanently closed.
The content is from the site's 2006 archived pages and preserved for use as course material & required reading for Dr. James Roth's course on internet marketing. See Dr. Roth for the syllabus.

250 E Java Dr
Sunnyvale, California 94089



What is Brazilian food? 

Brazilian cuisine is creative and tasteful, yet simple, and generally not spicy. The dishes are well seasoned, and mainly based on garlic, onions, parsley and salt.







What is Senzala?

During the colonial period, the word senzala was used to describe the slaves and servants' quarters.

The Senzala restaurant adopted the name to honor the roots of Brazilian cuisine, one of the greatest treasures of the African influence upon Brazil.




Senzala Brazilian Restaurant

We offer you traditional homemade Brazilian food. Fast, nutritious, healthy and with authentic Brazilian flavors.

YouÂ’ll find a pleasant environment, entirely decorated with Brazilian themes.

Saturday nights, we present a wide variety of live music.

With a seating capacity at over 250. Senzala is also availabe for private parties, events, weddings, etc.

We are located in a prime area, with easy access, away from the crowds, with plenty of free parking.



We are located in Sunnyvale, CA, right at the heart of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.



These are some of the independent online reviews we found about Senzala
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  "If you haven't had Brazilian food before I think this would be a great opportunity to try authentic dishes"
"service was top notch, price decent for the portion and quality and food delicious."
  "They are proud of their cooking and they do everything possible for you to have an enjoyable experience"
"This portions they serve here will make your belly stick out when you're done, but it's well worth it"
Yahoo! Reviews
  "This restaurant truly represents Brazil in its inner nature: excellent food, great people and awesome environment"
"The environment and the restaurant decor is really nice making you to want to stay longer... :)
I really recommend it."
Mercury News - Published on June 1, 2006, Page 40
  "good food, great atmosphere and a friendly staff"    
Metro News - Published on March 7, 2007, Page 35
  "Senzala is the place Silicon Valley to get your fill of all things Brazilian."